Advanced Viewers of Musicals Club

Advanced Viewers of Musicals Club

Stage Door is having a special event on May 21st. As a wrap up for the section of the history of musical theater, we will play the “Name the Tune” game to test our knowledge of musical theater tunes!

Brave contestants from the audience will test their knowledge in the world musicals and try to guess every tune. All the participants will compete to be the first to guess the song, the character, or the show from Broadway, West End, France, Canada, Austria, Germany or Russia. This is your chance to fight to be proclaimed the King or Queen of Musicals.

In the second part of the session, we will watch a few scenes from the film “The Magic Story”, which is based on the Broadway musical “Seussical”. Maria Linder, the director, will share the story of adapting the stage version for the screen.

The event is coming on May 21st, at 7 pm. This club is in Russian.

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