Interactive English

Interactive English

The Interactive is a conversation club, a platform for discussions. Here you can improve the skills of both verbal English and public speaking. All what is required of you is a desire to improve your speaking capabilities and readiness to interact in a group. During the meeting, we will try to cover the topic as broadly as possible, resorting to the brainstorm, non-standard work with texts, discussion in small and large groups, debates and ext. We are looking forward for a meeting with all interested people.

At our meeting on Wednesday, August 9 at 7p.m., we will discuss consumerism – the ideology of the 21st century. How does consumption affect people and society? Why it is ideology? What is waiting for consumers in the future is there any worthy replacement for them? To prepare for the lesson, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the following materials:

1) Viewpoint: How the consumer dream went wrong (we recommend that you pay special attention to this article)


3) Shift in global economic power

Classes led by Mikhail Larkov.

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