Lecture: «History of American famous fashion brands» Part 2

Lecture: «History of American famous fashion brands» Part 2

This presentation will reveal the history of the creation of Top fashion brands and the most popular trademarks (mass market, sports, designer brands). Who founded the labels, how they originated, what their symbols mean and many other interesting facts. On the lecture: We are going to cover the history of the following brands:

1. DKNY- the American Apple.

2. Tommy Hilfiger – new, three-colored American fashion Founded just in 1985

3.Esprit – American clothes corporation with European headquarters

4.Calvin Klein – women’s collection based on men’s clothes, another jeans story.

5.Guess – a special approach to advertising campaigns and models casting

It would be very interesting and informative. As always, you will learn some unknown facts. Lecture is supported with visual materials and examples. Please come on Wednesday, June 20 at 7 p.m. (in English)


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