Project Management

Project Management

Practice English and develop your Project Management skills with our series of Project Management workshops. At our workshops, you will learn handy tools and techniques, which help manage a project effectively. You will apply new knowledge in entertaining test activities and put into practice acquired skills by playing fun business games. The exciting atmosphere will help you forget that English is not your mother tongue and you will gain more confidence in your speaking ability.

The objective of our final workshop of the Project Management series is to put together everything we have been learning during the course. We will apply the Project Management toolkit to a case study of a construction project. As a project management team, the participants will go through all the phases of the project life cycle: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Control, and Closing.

You can have a look at the case study in advance following this link Temporary skating rink in a public park. To make you comfortable with the subject, all the material from the previous workshops of the Project Management series are uploaded here Project Management materials.

Join us next Saturday, 7th April 2018 at 4 p.m. Normally the workshop lasts about 2 hours.

Registration is necessary:

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