Seminar for parents: «How to raise a bilingual child»

Seminar for parents: «How to raise a bilingual child»

How do you make your child fluent in English?
How can you learn this language yourself and never ever forget it?

About 90% of parents want their children to understand and communicate fluently in English. Alexey Kovalenko, a successful English language teacher, will tell you how to do that. Besides, he will share the experiences of his students, and focus on the most typical scenarios that parents face while raising bilingual kids. With his approach, your progress in English is perpetually connected to your child’s language acquirement.

How do you finally learn this language and how do you give this opportunity to your kid?

The seminar will take place on June 15 at 1p.m.  It will change your mind in terms of language learning. The entry is free. (in Russian)

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