Toastmasters Public Speaking Club

Toastmasters Public Speaking Club

All Library members and guests are welcome to visit the WorldSurfers club on Tuesday, August 15st at 7 p.m. and speak English freely, in a friendly environment, before a bunch of other public speaking enthusiasts!

WorldSurfers is part of the global community of volunteers keen to become better speakers and leaders. We employ the time-tested “Learn by Doing” method: our participants take the stage and deliver speeches, long or short, to overcome their fear of speaking in front of an audience. Our experienced members evaluate all performances giving them a valuable feedback.

The skills you develop by taking part in our meetings will greatly help you in your professional career and daily life. You’ll be able to influence others, have your voice heard, and become life and soul of every party!

Please join us on Tuesday at 7 pm and hit the road of public speaking right away! There are NO fees, NO restrictions – just come on in and enjoy the meeting!

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