“What’s new in the news?” Discussion Club

“What’s new in the news?” Discussion Club

Saturday, February 8

12 noon

Who and What makes the news, shapes the news, conveys the news? Whose interests does the “news” serve? It is from this perspective that we examine current events around the world. This is both an open discussion forum and an analysis of events guided by a professional journalist and political scientist, Mary Metzger.

Mary Metzger did her doctoral work at New York University’s Department of Politics, qualifying in her oral comprehensives in the areas of American Government, Comparative Politics and Political Theory, with distinction. She went on to teach politics at Kean University and Rutgers University, taught Expository Writing at her alma mater, English Composition, Rhetoric and ESL classes at Hudson Country Community College and Essex County Community College. She moved to Russia where she taught a variety of ESL courses (including IELTS and TOEFL), Critical Thinking and Philosophy of Science at Moscow Institute of Physics and Philosophy.

Seating is limited.

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