S.Kubrick’s “The Shining” — Screening & Discussion

S.Kubrick’s “The Shining” — Screening & Discussion

Sunday, November 3

2 PM

Stanley Kubrick’s psychological masterpiece, adapted from the Stephen King novel, caused a lot of raised eyebrows when it was released in 1980, but few films are now revered the way “The Shining” is. Over the last 40 years the film has become a recognized masterpiece of horror, went on quotes and memes, attracted a cult of loyal fans and doesn’t seem to go out of date.

In the lecture, we will try to understand this deceptively simple and annoyingly vague film. We will talk about its mysteries, the hidden quotes in it, the sources of Kubrick’s inspiration, numerous interpretations, and, finally, what makes “The Shining” so terrifying.

In Russian, 18+

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