Economics&Finance Discussion Club

Economics&Finance Discussion Club

Saturday, November 9

4 PM

For those who are interested in the current economic and finance issues. If you want to understand more about how financial systems work, discuss the modern trends in economics, learn specific terminology and practice your English in this field, you are welcome to join our Economics&Finance Discussion Club. In our sessions, we discuss articles from the well-known sources such as The Economist, The Financial Times, The Harvard Business Review.

This time you will talk about Inequality. Why the distribution of income has grown more
unequal in recent years? How can we measure inequality? What is the Gini coefficient and what
information can it provide on a country’s distribution of income? Is the problem of inequality
the same as the problem of poverty? What is being done by governments to alleviate poverty?
Why so little progress appears to have been made toward eliminating poverty? That’s what we will be discussing on our meeting!

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