Project Management

Project Management

Saturday, December 21

4 PM

Practice English and develop your Project Management skills with our series of Project
Management workshops. At our workshops, you will learn handy tools and techniques, which
help manage a project effectively. You will apply new knowledge in entertaining test activities
and put into practice acquired skills by playing fun business games. The exciting atmosphere
will help you forget that English is not your mother tongue and you will gain more confidence in
your speaking ability.
Our last session in 2019 will be about Project Closing. What actions should be executed at the
end of the project? How to evaluate project performance? How to get the most from the
experience your team gained on the project or project phase that is just completed? We will
explore Project Management tools and techniques that project managers employ to perform
project closing activities. As always we will apply some exciting Project Management tools in

The session lasts about 2 hours.

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