Project Management

Project Management

Saturday, February 22
4 PM

We will study an important aspect of Project Management – Business Case. A Business Case helps justify the investment of time and resources needed to create a project’s outcome and ensure continuous business justification of the project. How to make sure that a project will be beneficial for the organisation? Why do some projects not deliver intended value? Does it make sense to close a project prematurely, if the result is no longer desirable? We will learn how to create a business case and how to use it in a project decision-making process. And, as usual there will be an opportunity to put learning into practice solving a (near) real life problem.

Practice English and develop your Project Management skills with our series of Project Management workshops. At our workshops, you will learn handy tools and techniques, which help manage a project effectively. You will apply new knowledge in entertaining test activities and put into practice acquired skills by playing fun business games. The exciting atmosphere will help you forget that English is not your mother tongue and you will gain more confidence in your speaking ability.

Eng, 18+

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