Lecture: “American anti-war cinema: before and after Caribbean Crisis”

Lecture: “American anti-war cinema: before and after Caribbean Crisis”

Modern relationships between Russia and America send us to events of “Cold war”. Conflict between two great powers erupts again. That’s because art of intellectuals of the past becomes urgent now.  Art of people who strongly encourage the dialog and mutual understanding during the period of violent confrontations.

Our meeting will be devoted to the most valuable American anti-war movies, created before and after Caribbean Crisis. Among them – anti-military film “On the beach” by Stanley Kramer, which premiere occurred in dozens of capitals (including Moscow) at the same time in December 17, 1959. Also we will talk about such landmark filmmakers as Stanley Kubrick, Sidney Lumet, John  Frankenheimer and we will learn why James Cameron, making the first “Terminator”, without knowing, visualize almost real events.

Join us on Thursday, October 19 at 7 p.m.

Roman Zhigun will host this lecture. Roman is a professor of cinema history, author of scientific articles on topic “Feature film as historic source”. Lecture will be in Russian.

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